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Shoutbox Archive
FireQuartz on June 21 2009 05:01:30
Yeah, I'm a huge fan of the timer...although I think either Mud Lists or MudConnector is every 23 hours...our timer could reflect that to get more votes in...
Hylaeus on June 21 2009 03:02:42
MapCen is a machine
Loxias on June 21 2009 02:13:08
Dang, think you're on course for the first perfect score.
MapCen on June 20 2009 04:54:28
Guess my OCD has kicked in. Vote!
Hylaeus on June 17 2009 22:33:26
Huzzah, the voting system works!
Riviat on June 17 2009 14:03:47
We've gone from 11th to 10th to 9th on The Mud Connector in the last week or so
Trevaine on June 17 2009 11:43:05
Erm, thanks to everyone who gives us all a great place to play for free. Voting is the least we can do in appreciation.
Riviat on June 17 2009 08:41:43
Thanks to everyone who takes the time to vote, however many times a day!
Hylaeus on June 16 2009 22:35:10
sadly life and work get in teh way of me voting on time some days, I still vote though
Loxias on June 16 2009 11:33:23
I'd be at 4 per day too if it werent for my dumb schedule as of late. At the end of this week it'll all level out though as I'll be off school for 2.5 months.
Trevaine on June 16 2009 11:12:49
half way through the month and MapCen is still averaging 4 votes per day? Can he keep it up? Go MapCen!
Wiseman on June 12 2009 04:10:25
*gasp* Nooooooo!
Trevaine on June 11 2009 22:59:45
Oh no, newest member is not voting. Whyyyyyyyyy?
Decept on June 10 2009 18:00:38
Oh yeah, newest member Whaaaaaaaat?
FireQuartz on June 05 2009 15:54:26
I would vote more, but I haven't had computer access in 4 days. :-( *sigh* can RL get busier?
Hylaeus on June 04 2009 22:42:57
Force refresh with Ctrl F5 is a voters best friend
Kiruzog on June 04 2009 22:02:14
Maybe try refreshing the Top Voters page
Hylaeus on June 04 2009 03:46:17
you are at 9 votes Stelth
Stelth on June 04 2009 01:43:07
And I was signed in.
Stelth on June 04 2009 01:42:45
grtz wiseman. Btw is anyone noticing problems with your votes not being counted in top voters? I think I should be at 9.
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Jan 22 2021 05:05
Baci has become a Black Circle Initiate.
Jan 22 2021 04:02
Dumpy successfully morphs from Hero 703 to become Lord Dumpy.
Jan 22 2021 04:00
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Jan 22 2021 03:41
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!
Jan 22 2021 03:21
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!