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Shoutbox Archive
Rua on July 06 2009 04:51:55
It's all our fault for actually leaving sanctum, Gnaffle.
Gnaffle on July 06 2009 04:41:40
AvatarWest has been unavailable for a little while... Not sure why thou it was mentioned to an imm recently. Hope Av is up soon, wanna see if i still have gear!
Wiseman on July 06 2009 04:39:02
I can't get to either server - possibly DNS or something?
Rua on July 06 2009 04:37:46
Did I miss something about Avatar West? Is it down too?
Gallahad on July 06 2009 04:37:35
woot for the shoutbox eplaining the troubles .. when its fixed seeya then!
laazarus on July 06 2009 04:26:32
it connects but doesn't finish the deal, which reminds me of several sexist jokes i shall refrain from telling, but in the end is similarly frustrating.
Saude on July 06 2009 04:24:06
Someone should be looking into it shortly, you are not alone.
Kiruzog on July 06 2009 04:22:12
it's not just you
laazarus on July 06 2009 04:21:40
something funky going on with servers.. or it's just me
Hylaeus on July 04 2009 03:33:23
Happy 4th of July for those that celebrate
Kariya on July 01 2009 16:29:49
Yup, all Avatar does is take away your free time, free will ? Soon we'll take your pets and house as well and you can buy them back for a friendly price
Loxias on July 01 2009 14:39:22
Only the least I could do in return for what Avatar's done for me
Saude on July 01 2009 07:34:19
oo, and Loxias deserves a shout too, way to go everyone with the crazy high vote counts this month!
Saude on July 01 2009 07:33:13
Yay MapCen! You have tied Scorchio's record of 120 votes in one month, (set Aug 2008), but you are the first to reach 4.0 votes/day! Congrats!!
Stelth on July 01 2009 06:51:04
I am happy to be the first to give a shout out to MapCen for his perfect voting score for June 2009. I am impressed.
MapCen on June 30 2009 18:16:02
BTW, I love auto correction! arraign/arraining is supposed to be arrange/arranging! Arggggh!
MapCen on June 30 2009 18:09:00
I have to travel in July and have not figured out how to arraign my schedule so I can keep up the pace. As always, Vote!
MapCen on June 30 2009 18:08:27
I have new respect for everyone who votes. Arraigning my days and computers so I could vote 4 times a day was pretty insane. Thank you for all the encouragement I received from my fellow players. I ha
Loxias on June 30 2009 01:52:35
We're#2 again on MudLists. VOTE! Only got a day and a bit left to get to 1st!
Riviat on June 21 2009 09:40:44
If you haven't done it yet, the "Which Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character are you" quiz in the Creative Board is quite fun. It's interesting to see all the different results people get.
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Jun 12 2020 14:13
ISP-related maintenance issues. Should be back in next couple hours

Jun 12 2020 13:23
Game down?

Apr 22 2020 13:33
Expired security certificate on wiki throwing up blocking page in all browsers (https://avatar.mel

Jan 16 2020 06:33
flap flap flap

Oct 23 2019 03:21
shadow @ busk

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Jan 22 2021 05:05
Baci has become a Black Circle Initiate.
Jan 22 2021 04:02
Dumpy successfully morphs from Hero 703 to become Lord Dumpy.
Jan 22 2021 04:00
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Jan 22 2021 03:41
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!
Jan 22 2021 03:21
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!