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Take the time to read room and mob descriptions carefully. There are often hints which give clues about hidden items, quests or warnings about particularly dangerous areas. - Riviat
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Shoutbox Archive
Loxias on May 01 2009 04:16:30
Aww, but but I need my competition. I almost had you this month
Hylaeus on April 30 2009 22:49:37
Someone else is going to have to take over the leadership of votes for may, I will be on holidays till the 18th, will it be you???
Trevaine on April 29 2009 22:30:58
Back to #1 on mud lists!
Hylaeus on April 22 2009 03:07:35
all good here, as shown on my vote count
Riviat on April 21 2009 18:58:32
Working fine for me also. Suspect PEBKAC *flee*
Loxias on April 20 2009 22:05:38
Not I. Working like it always does.
Xiphoid on April 20 2009 17:56:53
Is anybody else experiencing problems voting at MudLists.com?
Loxias on April 20 2009 16:40:57
Noooo! Materia Magica just slipped by us on TMS...
Loxias on April 15 2009 20:18:24
We're back up, folks.
Loxias on April 15 2009 18:15:42
I can get onto Avatar West just fine. avatarwest.outland.org port 3000 works just fine for me.
laazarus on April 15 2009 16:46:43
still no luck getting into AV west either, any tips?
Kariya on April 15 2009 14:21:32
Read the update in the news section. And no, the web server is a different server though at the same location.
Hephaistos on April 15 2009 12:18:14
is av still down? isnt the website running on the same machine as the mud?
Miel on April 15 2009 07:57:22
what's going on...
Trevaine on April 15 2009 07:26:08
... it might be fixed by 9:30 system time.
Trevaine on April 15 2009 07:25:18
There was an imm note a few hours ago stating that there were power fluctuations in Snikt's cave and that the mud might be down for a while. I can't be certain but I think the note said that i
laazarus on April 15 2009 03:12:49
what's the address for west? the old one i have isnt working - avatarwest.outland.org:3000
Hylaeus on April 15 2009 03:06:38
West is up and a possible power outage could be the issue, for any and all updates, log in to avatarwest
laazarus on April 15 2009 03:00:25
anyone know what's going on with the mud? it's been down for a while now, for me anyway.
Saude on April 10 2009 00:42:29
We've dropped to #2 on Mud Lists!! Quick! Get voting *cracks a whip*
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Jun 12 2020 14:13
ISP-related maintenance issues. Should be back in next couple hours

Jun 12 2020 13:23
Game down?

Apr 22 2020 13:33
Expired security certificate on wiki throwing up blocking page in all browsers (https://avatar.mel

Jan 16 2020 06:33
flap flap flap

Oct 23 2019 03:21
shadow @ busk

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Game Updates
Jan 22 2021 05:05
Baci has become a Black Circle Initiate.
Jan 22 2021 04:02
Dumpy successfully morphs from Hero 703 to become Lord Dumpy.
Jan 22 2021 04:00
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Jan 22 2021 03:41
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!
Jan 22 2021 03:21
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!