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News as of January 11

Check out the week's Avatar Site news.

News as of January 11
(1 words)
News as of December 8
(1 words)
News as of December 1
(158 words)
 The Fortress of Golems
News as of November 17
(252 words)
  • Tariel pop quizzes the realms
  • Lord Audis frets over the growing power of the pirates
  • Find the hidden meanings in the realm of nightmares
News as of November 10
(404 words)
  • Guess who? Many mysterious staff members escape identification!
  • Shop till you drop with Daeron
News as of November 3
(263 words)
 Halloween fun and festivities for the realm. Trick or treat, death, costumes, a new area to explore and fancy costumes. What more could you want?

Daniloth sends out a casting call. (I hear what he really wants to do is direct!)

Some more trivial trivia.
News as of October 27
(813 words)
  • No joy for Cerdwyn's paladin in the latest draws from the Deck of Many Things.
  • Legendary objects of power!
  • Waiting for The Great Pumpkin!
  • Halloween and Horror trivia to scare us into the Halloween festivities
News as of October 20
(344 words)
  • Assault upon the tower. The lords measure their might against Tialoc's.
  • Stranger in strange lands. Tariel wanders through a slew of new areas.
  • Deathmatch! Laughter or death or both? Three lords try their luck.
News as of October 13
(323 words)
  • New areas for low mortals above Sol!
  • More random trivia with Kariya
  • Melodic death with a laughing twist
News as of October 13
(617 words)
  • Cerdwyn deals the cards
  • Random questions for random quest points - Kariya quizzes the realm
  • The Planar Roulette wheel spins again
  • Sengar organises a bunny hunt!
  • Riddle me this, riddle me that
  • The changing of the seasons
  • Pick your poison
News as of September 22
(408 words)
  • Sengar spins the wheel in planar roulette
  • Fun, profit and death?
  • Shiniri plays a game of explosive blackjack
  • Tariel's spy network warns the lords about the Giths
News as of September 15
(547 words)
  • Planar Roulette - In the end the House always wins!
  • The fury of the Elemental Chests blazes again
  • More Bombing with Shiniri
  • A Call for Poses
  • A mindbending room

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Aug 02 2022 22:13
Daeron is running Push Your Luck now. Mini-HoG just ended!

Jun 30 2022 04:23
It is!

Jun 28 2022 23:55
Testing. Testing. This thing on?

Aug 17 2021 05:50
Halfway through August and so many events yet to go! Log in now to join our newest event. smiley

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Game Updates
Mar 02 2024 18:27
Gulvruz has remorted into a Ignatur Fusilier.
Mar 02 2024 16:25
Garnin successfully morphs from Hero 592 to become Lord Garnin.
Mar 02 2024 00:13
There is a disturbance in the realm as Georgey fails to become a Lord at sublevel 358.
Mar 01 2024 18:38
There is a disturbance in the realm as Sorator fails to become a Lord at sublevel 549.
Feb 29 2024 17:59
The HOGathon has ENDED. HOG is no longer a valid command.